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Vasu Dixit: Best Ever Frontmen

The Swarathma frontman picks his favorites from India

Rolling Stone India Mar 17, 2015
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(l-r) violinist Sanjeev Nayak and Vasu Dixit of Swarathma

(l-r) violinist Sanjeev Nayak and Vasu Dixit of Swarathma

Bengaluru folk rock band Swarathma’s lead vocalist Vasu Dixit is one of the best band frontmen we’ve seen in the last decade. He’s always open to collaborations, shares the spotlight generously with the rest of his band members and is one of the nicest musicians around. Says Dixit, “The role of a frontman is more than just being a good singer or songwriter. It is someone who carries the show on his/her shoulders in a live performance.” Here Dixit shares his list of favorite band leaders.

Tipriti Kharbangar (Soulmate)

The first up on this list is Tipriti. I like her energy on stage. She carries herself with humility but her performance demands respect.


Vishal Dadlani (Pentagram)

What can I say about the “Baap” of Indian frontmen? He brings energy not just to the performance but the audience and the band as well.


Papon (Papon and the East India Company)

I like the genuine singer that he is. His voice is amazing and he doesn’t perform too many antics on stage.


Amrit Rao (LIVE Banned)

He is too funny and outrageously mad during a performance!


Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy (Scribe)

He is another badass frontman, like Vishal [Dadlani]. I like him for his sheer frankness and outrageous approach.

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Rex Vijayan (guitarist with Avial)

He is a guitarist, but to me he is a frontman. Whatever Avial is, is because of the sound he brings to the band. You could call him the ”˜silent frontman’ who stays in the back!


Swarathma will perform at the Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival on April 3rd 2015.

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