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ViceVersa Release New Video ‘Get Rowdy’

The Mumbai hip-hop trio have collaborated with Mr. Doss on the new bass-heavy song

Viveck Nagarajan Sep 14, 2015
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Mumbai electro hip-hop act ViceVersa’s newest single, “Get Rowdy” has been a long time coming. The trio have been playing the crowd favorite song track at every gig for quite sometime now but never got down to recording it. Maybe it was the band’s founder Rohit ”˜P-Man’ Pereira’s way of saying that the song was not rowdy (read bass heavy) enough yet. But the track, which took almost a year in the making, has been finally released by the trio, and put up for free download.

“Get Rowdy” is produced by Mumbai-based producer DJ Rishiraj a.k.a Mr. Doss and Abhishek Ghatak, who works with the band regularly as the producer. Besides Pereira, ViceVersa features Manas Ullas and singer Sidd Coutto. Pereira says that most of the work on the song started in June. He says, “I took my idea to Mr. Doss and I told him, ”˜Yo! This is what I have. And he said ”˜Let’s do it.’ Post several creative exchanges involving musical arrangements and rearrangements, Pereira was able to zero in on the sound that he was looking for.

Pereira, who loves the stage more than the studio, jokes that he “even managed to play bass” on “Get Rowdy,” and would love to collaborate again with Mr Doss. He says, “We already have a few ideas with us for an EP together. There’s also going to be a huge ViceVersa, Mr. Doss combined act which is going to be insane!”

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