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ViceVersa Team with Siddharth Basrur, Enkore for Reggae Vibes on ‘Tuesday’

The song takes a jibe at paymasters who delay artist fees, featuring the Mumbai electronic/rap group’s new member DJ BLUnt

Anurag Tagat Sep 18, 2018

ViceVersa - Sidd Coutto, DJ BLUnt aka Rahul Dhande and Rohit 'P-Man' Pereira (from left). Photo: Vandhana Swamy

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If you’re an artist in India’s constantly changing alternative music circuit, there’s probably at least a few times payday is not what it’s cut out to be. Mumbai electronic/rap group ViceVersa’s co-founder Rohit ”˜P-Man’ Pereira knows the feeling all too well. Considering his experience over nearly two decades in metal, rock and hip-hop, he finally decided to write a song about it called “Tuesday.”

ViceVersa’s latest single includes guitarist Dinkar Dwivedi, a smooth chorus from vocalist Siddharth Basrur, rapper Enkore aka Ankur Johar and the group’s newest member, rapper-producer and DJ BLUnt aka Rahul Dhande. The latest recruit draws first blood on the new track. Pereira adds, “DJ BLUnt did the first verse on the song and he sings about getting up and getting ready for show time, killing it at the show, only for the chorus to say the other half of the reality.”

While Pereira shared his initial vocal idea to Dwivedi and Enkore, he got Basrur interested while they were working on a “secret feature” at the vocalist’s home studio. They were talking about ViceVersa and Basrur’s 2012 collaboration “Bad Samurai,” and it led to Pereira opening up project files for “Tuesday” and giving the vocalist a hook. Pereira says, “I remember telling him, ”˜Bring out your sexy voice’. And he was actually looking at his wife who was with us in the studio and singing the lines. And she was blushing. It was amazing, I love Basrur and it was amazing to have him on this song.”

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While ViceVersa does make sure to stay away from “shady promoters” to avoid anyone going AWOL on them, Pereira does note that there was one festival held in Bengaluru three years ago which still hasn’t paid them. With BLUnt new to the fold on samples and vocals, ViceVersa are currently trying out a live band setup that includes Sidd Coutto on drums and Dwivedi on guitars. Pereira says they’re working on new material and more shows. “And as always, hoping to get paid on time too.”

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