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Victon Have No Time to Waste in the Funk-Driven and Vibrant ‘Chronograph’

The South Korean group made their comeback earlier today with their third single album of the same name

Riddhi Chakraborty Jan 18, 2022
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Victon are known for their dazzling music videos and experimental soundscapes and their new single “Chronograph” stays true to that foundation. The South Korean group made their comeback earlier today with their third single album of the same name and a vibrant, Y2K-tinged music video.

Co-written by Victon’s rapper Do Hanse and Korean songwriter Hwang Yoobin, “Chronograph” declares that any time not spent with the one you love, is time wasted. The lyrics outline the passage of time as insignificant when it comes to love, stating, “It’s a crazy paradigm/ An original state of mind/ You’re my present, you’re my future, you’re my past.” Composed by Aden.K, INFX, Song Ha Eun, and Coach & Sendo, “Chronograph” is a blend of bass and synth led by a distinctly funky electric guitar riff. Vocalist and leader Seungsik’s performance is particularly powerful as he cruises into high notes and background ad-lib vocal runs with ease towards the end of the track.

The music video sees the members traverse through fascinating spaces suspended in time, each set featuring a blend of items from various eras of history. There are Greek statues and Renaissance paintings against a background of futuristic, technological elements like teleportation and space travel, all rounded up with Y2K-inspired fashion and makeup. Throughout the clip, Victon pursue an antique stopwatch that remains just out of their grip as time continues to stand still–depicted by floating objects and debris around them.

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In addition to the title track, Chronograph features the B-side “Want Me” and an English version of its lead single. While Victon did release a special anniversary single titled “Sweet Travel” in November 2021, this is their first major comeback after the 2021 studio album Voice: The Future is Now and does not feature vocalist Han Seungwoo, who is currently enlisted in mandatory military service.

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