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Victon’s Seungwoo is Magnetic in His Solo Debut With ‘Sacrifice’

The South Korean vocalist dropped his solo album ‘Fame’ today

Riddhi Chakraborty Aug 10, 2020
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In addition to his careers with South Korean groups Victon and the now-disbanded X1, vocalist Seungwoo has made his solo debut with the EP Fame. The release is led by the powerful single “Sacrifice” and marks the first solo offering from a member of Victon.

“Sacrifice” combines dark synth, trap and R&B with Seungwoo’s soaring vocals for a dynamic and emotional effect. In addition to impressive vocal ad-libs and runs, Seungwoo delivers powerful bursts of rap on a few verses. The track is about being ready to sacrifice anything and everything for love, as Seungwoo sings, “Oh sacrifice, take my everything/Obsessive, I’m more shameless than you think I’m going crazy/But you’re not ready yet/I say it’s okay even if the day ends like this.”

The music video is a sleek showcase of high-fashion, muscle cars and Seungwoo’s smooth choreography. He adds a tinge of mania to the video with his facial expressions that hover between anger, fear and desperation. While Seungwoo is surrounded by a massive number of backup dancers for most of the choreography sequences in the video, one of the most striking clips in “Sacrifice” is a slow but strong solo dance performance he delivers shirtless in a shallow pool of water–a moment of vulnerability in the otherwise dark, aggressive video.

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Seungwoo’s solo debut follows his releases with Victon earlier this year when the group made a comeback with the EP Continuous and later a single album titled Mayday. Continuous was Seungwoo’s first release with Victon after the disbandment of the Produce X 101 project group X1, of which he was leader.

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