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Ang Lee’s ‘Life Of Pi’ Is a 3D Masterpiece

Film adaption of beloved novel pulls off level of artistry not seen since Scorsese’s ‘Hugo’

Peter Travers Nov 22, 2012
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This week’s big flick is Ang Lee’s film adaption of Life Of Pi, based on Yann Martel’s 2001 fantasy novel about an Indian boy who survives on a shipwreck for 227 days along with a menacing Bengal tiger. It’s an ambitious tale, packed with fantastical imagery and heartfelt storytelling, but does Ang Lee successfully pull off the translation in 3D?

The answer is yes: Peter Travers says he hasn’t seen a 3D film done this well with this level of artistry since Martin Scorsese’s Hugo. Though the animals are digital creations, Travers says, “I thought I was in there with them, and you will feel that, too.” But despite the realness of the creatures, the story brings up metaphorical, metaphysical and philosophical questions that suggest the animals may or may not be actual people who were involved in extreme violence.

What do you think? Let Travers know your interpretation via email, on Twitter, or in the comments below.

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