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Video: BLEK In The Studio, On Playing The Great Escape In UK

The Mumbai alt punk band chase a new sound on their follow up to ‘Hexes + Drama and Other Reasons For Evacuation’.

Anurag Tagat Apr 15, 2013
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Mumbai alt punk band BLEK are in the studio to record their second EP with producer Ayan De at Midicore studios. Vocalist/guitarist Rishi Bradoo says the new EP is in “a ”˜Minus’ meets ”˜Fog’ kinda space.” In case you aren’t familiar with the band’s songs, “Minus” refers to their song “Minus The Makeup” and “Fog” being the album closer “Fog + Strobe.”

“The first EP explored quite a range in sound. It had ”˜Hexes,’ with a raw, grungy feel to ”˜Fog,’ which was dancey,” says Bradoo, who also mentions how they’re packing in studio time in between gigs. Blek plays at The Loudest Gig in Delhi on April 22nd, alongside punk rockers The Lightyears Explode, new wave band The Vinyl Records, experimental rock band The Circus and hardcore punk band Riot Peddlers.

Soon after, they’re prepping for the long trip to Ooty for the GoMad festival between May 10th and 12th, followed by the even longer trip for their first international gig at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton, UK on May 17th. 

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