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Video: Dischordian At Horniman Circle Gardens

The Mumbai folk/punk acoustic band played an open air gig as part of Ray-Ban’s 75th Anniversary Celebrations

Rolling Stone India Nov 30, 2012
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On the rare occasion that Mumbai folk/punk band Dischordian’s performance was  not under the influence of alcohol  at an open air venue, the band played an hour-long set consisting of songs old and new this week.

The inclusion of two saxophonists Nigel Rajaratnam and Amar Sukhi allowed for some impressive improvisations on songs such as “Save Me,” and “The Old Whore.” Among the newer songs performed were “Baby Maybe,” “Must Drink,” and “What Do I Do With A Goddamn Razor?”


The Set List:

How I Wait

Same Old Conversation

The Curtain



Your Right Heel

Save Me

The Old Whore


Must Drink

What Do I Do With A Goddamn Razor?

Baby Maybe

Watch Dischordian perform “Must Drink” here


Watch Dischordian perform “The Old Whore” here

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