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Video: Lullaby by Imphal Talkies

The video for the track from the Manipur alt rock band’s upcoming album ‘When The Home Is Burning’ was shot in Imphal

Rolling Stone India Sep 03, 2013
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The video for “Lullaby” has ample material to work with, considering the subject: children in conflicted areas. Like lead vocalist and songwriter Ronid “Akhu” Chigangbam’s music, the video is simple in technique but powerful in its delivery, juxtaposing shots of Akhu playing his ukulele with sprawling hills in the foreground and children at play, with images of protest marches and burning effigies in the streets of Imphal, the capital of Akhu’s troubled home state. The track may not be a lyrical gem, but the chorus sung by kids is like a punch to the gut, speaking up loudly and clearly for the loss of childhood. The children sing in Meiteilon, a language spoken by Meitei community of Manipur, which lends an intensity that may have never come through in English.

Watch “Lullaby” below: 

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