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Video: No Cover Charge

Rohit ‘P Man’ Pereira and Dinkar Dwivedi talk about why they started their new video series, which features Indian bands covering other Indian bands

Rolling Stone India
Rolling Stone India Jul 19, 2013
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In March, Indian alternative music fans were mildly surprised to see Suman Sridhar’s dramatic cover of “Pudhe Sarka” by Mumbai comedy rock group, Workshop at the JD Rock Awards 2013. The award show also saw a group of Indian artists cover  tracks by veteran Indian bands such as Pentagram, Zero and Orange Street. Though such crossovers are few and far between, Mumbai media house Okay Potato wants to change that with their new video series, No Cover Charge. “We wanted to see how one band could transform another band’s music,” says Dinkar Dwivedi, who pitched the idea to his colleague Rohit “P Man” Pereira.

For their fortnightly video series, Dwivedi and Pereira ask acts to pick a song by an Indian artist/band from a different genre. Says Pereira, “What you’re definitely not going to see is a metal band cover another metal band, or an EDM artist remix another EDM artist.”

Watch our interview with Pereira and Dwivedi below:

Watch Mumbai punk rock band The Lightyears Explode take on electro rock band Pentagram’s song “Nocturne.” 

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