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Rectified Spirit Address North East Politics on ‘Paradigm Lost’

The Guwahati prog metal band take on the controversial Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act

Rolling Stone India Feb 05, 2013

With a cross between powerful breakdowns and some top-notch drumming from Nishant Hagjer [also with Delhi tech prog metal band Undying Inc], Rectified Spirit are yet another band from the North East churning out music with a message. On their first music video, “Paradigm Shift,” off their eponymous debut album, they take on the contentious Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958, and one of the most well-known leaders against the law, Irom Sharmila. “What is apparently not visible and has been lost sight of by many, in this long passage of 12 years, is her steadfast determination which we wanted to bring out through this song,” says the band’s guitarist and founding member, Samudragupta Dutta. 


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