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Video: Reptilian Death at Domination: The Deathfest V

The death metal band post footage from three songs of their first ever performance with new recruits

Rolling Stone India
Rolling Stone India Apr 02, 2013
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Domination: The Deathfest V was special not only for brutal death metal bands like Exhumation and deathgrind band Gutslit, but also for the surprise opening act, Reptilian Death.

Sahil Makhija aka the Demonstealer of extreme metallers Demonic Resurrection revived Reptilian Death as a live act at the gig, with vocalist Vinay Venkatesh [from deathcore band Bhayanak Maut] and guitarist and bassist in tow. Although we’re not allowed to reveal the names of all the band members just yet [read more about it in our upcoming April issue], Makhija says the new theatrical act likes “keeping things mysterious.” “It’s all about those five guys who were in early enough to catch the opening act. They’ll tell the rest, ”˜You don’t know what you fuckers missed,’” Makhija said before taking stage at Deathfest.

For those who missed Reptilian Death’s opening set, here’s footage of three of their five-song set at Deathfest:

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