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Video: Split, Sky Rabbit and SkyDrops Jam Session

Check out the three Mumbai-based artists jamming out ahead of their gig in Pune

Rolling Stone India
Rolling Stone India Jan 14, 2013
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It was a busy weekend for members from alternative rock band Split, electro rock act Sky Rabbit and Nigel Rajaratnam’s electronica project SkyDrops who got together at That Studio, a recording studio located on the first floor of the Sion BEST bus depot. The bands were rehearsing for their one-off jam [or not] coming up later this month.

Split’s drummer Varoon Aiyer, guitarist Aviv Pereira, bassist Shekhar Mohite and vocalist Garreth D’Mello collaborated on one of Sky Rabbit’s earliest songs, “Who’s Your Daddy.” Rajaratnam also added piano riffs from his keyboard for the song.

The gig, as part of Jack Daniel’s Annual Rock Awards presents Rolling Stone Jam Sessions, will include a harmonica-led jam of Sky Rabbit’s “Hilltop,” a mash-up of Split’s “60 Seconds,” with Sky Rabbit vocalist Raxit Tewari throwing rhymes from “Movement” by American electro act LCD Soundsystem, and an epic rock version of Split’s “Fat Oaf,” featuring Sky Rabbit’s drummer Harsh Karangale and guitarist Rahul Nadkarni. Folk act Dischordian’s  guitarist Howard Pereira will also join Split, playing mandolin on “Belief.”

Jack Daniel’s Annual Rock Awards presents Rolling Stone Jam sessions with Split, Sky Rabbit and SkyDrops takes place on January 18th 8.30pm onwards at Penthouze Night Life, Pune. Entry free. Event details here.

Watch Split, Sky Rabbit and SkyDrops jamming on “Who’s Your Daddy” here

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