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Video: Suraj Mani & The Tattva Trippers Perform “What About The Bees?”

The alt rock singer and former Motherjane frontman performs a new song on Kappa TV

Rolling Stone India Jun 27, 2013
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Suraj Mani has a way with metaphors like few other Indian rock musicians. The former Motherjane frontman, who released his debut solo album, The Tattva Trip last year, is now taking it to stage for Malayalam music channel, Kappa TV. This is Mani’s comeback performance after over one and a half years, since the time he left Kochi alt rock veterans Motherjane due to a back injury in 2011.

Mani’s newest song, “What About The Bees?” features south Indian composer Suresh Peters on the drums and former Thermal and A Quarter bassist Prakash KN stepping in on a sweet bass lead. In the track, Mani talks about a “sacred industry on its knees” and how commercialization is spoiling it for those “just trying to do our own thing.” Tattva Trip producer Alywn Fernandez performs lead guitars as part of the first performance by Mani’s band. 

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