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Video: The Lightyears Explode Open Up About Their New Album

The Mumbai punk rock band’s first full-length album is out next month

Anurag Tagat Mar 13, 2013

Hating cops, collaborating with funnyman Rohit ”˜P-Man’ Pereira, and street partying are all a day’s work for Mumbai punk rock band The Lightyears Explode. The band will release their first full-length album, The Revenge Of Kalicharan, on April 18th at Blue Frog, Mumbai.

The gig in Mumbai, where they play alongside Chennai alt rock band Skrat, is the first stop on the band’s multi-city album launch tour, which includes stops at Delhi [with support from fellow punk bands BLEK, The Riot Peddlers, The Vinyl Records and experimental rock band The Circus], Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune and the North East.

“I really like playing ”˜Diet Coke,’ ”˜I Am A Disco Dancer,’ and ”˜The Revenge Of Kalicharan’ live and we’re going to play the whole album at every gig,” says frontman, vocalist and guitarist Saurabh Roy. The band also has P-Man on vocals for “The P-Man Explodes,” another track they hope to perform live. “If he [P-Man] is there, then he’ll do it,” says Roy, imitating admittedly less-manly versions of P-Man’s moans on the track. “It has a lot of sex noises,” says bassist Shalom Benjamin.

Before they launch the album, The Lightyears Explode perform a 30-minute set at the first edition of Bomb Thursdays at Kino 108 in Andheri, Mumbai, with Chennai rock ”˜n roll band The Shakey Rays on March 14th. “We just wanted to do a warm-up gig, and we were not supposed to be announced at all,” adds Roy.

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Watch what the band had to say about The Revenge of Kalicharan in this video:



The Revenge of Kalicharan tracklist:

1. “Kunj Gutka”

2. “The Late Night Song”

3. “I Am A Disco Dancer”

4. “Diet Coke”

5. “Garam Dharam”

6. “The Gay Song”

7. “Bow Down”

8. “The P-Man Explodes”

9. “Revenge Of Kalicharan”

10. “Good Night”


The Lightyears Explode and The Shakey Rays play at BOMB Thursdays at Kino 108, Mumbai on March 14th, from 9.30pm onwards. Entry Rs 200. Event details here.