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Visionary Underground

‘State of Mind’

Three And A Half Stars


Neha Sharma Jan 20, 2009

This one is off the London-based technology-driven dance outfit’s latest release Fired Up. Visionary Underground makes for the younger generation of the Asian underground which takes up from where their predecessors left off. The whole album is up for download on their site, but ”˜State of Mind’ is our pick of this one. The throb of drum and bass/breakbeat, twisted synth lines, wicked siren-like samples, propelled by meteoric time signatures”¦ DJ Feel Free, the engineer on sound swiftly works his sleight of hand on the feverish compositions. Reggae soulja Damion Mulraine’s searing gritty vocals capture the intent of social commentary as he delivers his lines with fierce conviction ”“ “Rush the vibe inna da ghetto/State of mind lead don’t you follow.” This is complemented by Duane Flames’ intercepting rap verses, which roll thick and fast off his tongue. “In da ghetto/The youths na let go/Stack bricks like lego,” Flame trills to the rhyming verse with compelling urgency. The sound-print and conscience on lyric is redolent of Asian underground veterans ADF. These guys fire up dance floors and dormant minds, and share their vision while exercising those feet.