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Vocalist Trishita Recs to Release Debut EP ‘Khoyi Rahun’ In Piecemeal Fashion

The Madhya Pradesh-bred artist has already dropped two of the five songs from the record

David Britto Nov 14, 2020

Madhya Pradesh-bred vocalist Trishita Recs. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Madhya Pradesh-bred vocalist Trishita Recs took to the arts and music especially early on. As a five-year-old, she began performing on stage and subsequently trained in Hindustani Classical music. By 2014 paid heed to the growing independent music scene in the country and says, “I was so mesmerized by this culture and the amazing things the many artists were writing. It made me want to tell my own story.” Recs’ story can be heard on her forthcoming five-track debut EP Khoyi Rahun.

Speaking about the new record, the vocalist says, “I wanted these songs to be a combination of metaphorical as well as colloquial writing. Some things left to the imagination or interpretation, and some things served as a properly cooked story on a platter.” Across the EP, Recs sings about motivation, confusion, contentment, separation and togetherness. Sonically the musician taps into her influences with jazz, blues, gospel music and pop-rock. “Since this was my debut as a composer, it was going to set the foundation for what would be referred to as ‘my sound’ for years to come,” says Recs.

The musician is releasing Khoyi Rahun in a piecemeal fashion with one song every couple of weeks. Recs has already dropped two of the tracks; the piano aided “Meri Jaan” and the slow burner “Tum Mujhe Jaante Ho” with “Uljhi Si” “Sukoon Ya Junoon” and the title track to follow. “I realized that it sat together as a narrative, like a story. Therefore, I wanted to release one chapter at a time,” says the artist. Recs worked alongside co-composer Sakar Apte and lyricist Shayra Apoorva on the tracks. The EP was produced, mixed and mastered by Tarun Sharma.

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Although Recs’ plans to tour the record were thrown out the window due to the pandemic, she’s hopeful that it does happen by the end of next year. The vocalist wants to continue working with various genres and fitting them into “Hindi music.” She adds, “I am very excited to experiment with R&B, acoustic soul, reggae, Latin trap.” Working on a web series or short film is something Recs is also keen on pursuing while also exploring the possibilities of collaborating with other indie artists. There’s also visuals being planned to accompany Khoyi Rahun.