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Watch 2PM’s Dramatic Music Video for ‘Make It’

After nearly five years of hiatus, the South Korean veteran group is back with their seventh studio album, ‘Must’

Divyansha Dongre Jun 29, 2021
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2PM are often celebrated as a pioneering second-generation K-pop act that helped solidify the genre’s popularity outside the borders of South Korea. After nearly five years of hiatus due to mandatory military service, the group are back to revive their legacy with their new album Must and its lead single, “Make It.”

Set in the middle of an apocalypse, “Make It” is a tale of love at first sight– it outlines an attraction with a stranger so strong, that despite the catastrophe, you are compelled to pursue the romance. Opening with a retro guitar riff, “Make It” lays its foundation within classic string-bass and synth.

The music video opens with vocalist Wooyoung who seems enchanted by the sight of his love interest. Chaos breaks almost immediately when a meteor collides with the surface of the Earth, kicking off the storyline of the music video. Though the world has collapsed into chaos, for the members of 2PM time stands still, almost as if they’re detached from reality. There are notable nods to various films, including Christopher Nolan’s 2010 hit Inception, throughout the video.

Credited as the lyricist and composer, Wooyoung opens the track as he sings, “Nothing else matters but to see you/ I’m going to see you/ I don’t have a type, but it’s weird/ We just walked past each other/ But what’s wrong with me?” Members Nichkun, Jun.K, and Chansung bridge the refrain and the pre-chorus as they dig deeper into the nuances of love at first sight. Pulling a page off classic feature-film plot twists, the music video concludes as a dream that took place within Wooyoung’s mind. 

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2PM’s seventh studio album, Must, features an impressive tracklist of 10 songs: “Intro,” “OK or Not,” “On My Way,” “Champagne,” “The Cafe,” “Moon & Back,” “Two of Us,” “Hold You,” “My House (Acoustic Version)” and the title track, “Make It.”

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