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Watch Abhilasha Sinha’s Timely New Music Video for ‘Mother’

The New Delhi/New York singer-songwriter’s 2019 song has a lyric video featuring over 400 crowdsourced photos marking Mother’s Day

Anurag Tagat May 10, 2020

New Delhi/New York singer-songwriter Abhilasha Sinha. Photo: Aryaman Dixit

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New Delhi-bred, New York-based singer-songwriter Abhilasha Sinha revisits her evocative pop song “Mother” exactly a year on to celebrate Mother’s Day with a crowdsourced music video featuring over 400 of mothers of fans from the U.K., the U.S. and India. At the time of releasing the song off her debut EP, Sinha told Rolling Stone India, “It wasn’t supposed to be a tribute or anything – it’s just a very simple truth about a mother’s protection and love.”

But just as songs go and find their own connections to listeners, it did become a tribute of sorts. With help from filmmaker and photographer Gorkey Patwal, the new lyric video for “Mother” is a straightforward and heartfelt remembrance. Sinha says about the video, “Sadly, I (and many people across the world) am not with my mum for it [Mother’s Day], nor can I send her anything. Gorkey had the idea of creating a visual for my song, and we decided to ask people across Instagram and beyond to send us photographs of their mothers before they were mums.”

Understandably, the video is a different kind of tribute, showcasing photos of younger days. “It’s a tiny tribute to the amazing people they are, outside their relational definitions of ‘mother, daughter, wife, sister.’ We got over 400 responses and [visual artist] Hariom Verma and Gorkey have turned that into a lovely lyric video, in the form of a nostalgic photo album,” Sinha adds. The video is dedicated specifically to the memory of the mothers of three artists associated with Sinha — guitarist Pranav Pahwa, bassist Harshit Misra aka Hashbass and singer-guitarist Sur aka Supreet Suri.

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Watch the video for “Mother” below. 

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