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Watch Aditi Ramesh Reclaim Her Power in New Video For ‘Shakti’

The track is the Mumbai-based artist’s first in over a year

David Britto Dec 08, 2021

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Aditi Ramesh. Photo: Ronit Sarkar

After releasing her silky single “Sambar Soul” last year, Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Aditi Ramesh spent time working on an original soundtrack for an animated short film while also teaching music, playing virtual gigs as well as setting up her home studio. Ramesh says, “I’ve also been working on a lot of new music.” Some of that new music can now be heard on the recently released experimental song entitled “Shakti.”

The singer-songwriter penned “Shakti” this past June and decided to blend Western and Indian sonic elements on the track. Ramesh also called upon Ranchi-based rapper-producer Sumit Singh Solanki aka Tre Ess who added hip-hop beats that juxtapose well with Ramesh’s striking vocals. “I’ve used surbahar (plucked string instrument) samples and have manually made my synth tones to evoke different feelings at different points in the song; at times dark and at times nostalgic of a simpler time,” says Ramesh.

Lyrically, Ramesh calls out corporations who are only interested in what she does on International Women’s Day and addresses brands that use certain artists to make themselves look inclusive. As the musician urges those abused by the system to reclaim their power, the vocalist also talks about simpler times as a child and sings poignantly, “When we were young playing in the sun everything was just for fun/We were blind to the binaries by which we are now defined.” Ramesh says, “I don’t think I’ve written about such heavy topics in such a direct manner before.”

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“Shakti” was recorded at the singer-songwriter’s home studio and co-produced with Tre Ess. “He brought his sensibilities to the big bass sounds you hear and the beat and chopped vocals,” says Ramesh. The track was later mixed by Akash Sawant and mastered by Thomas Juth.

With “Shakti,” Ramesh has also premiered her first music video. In the pleasing to the eye visual – directed by Mumbai-based musician, photographer and videographer Ronit Sarkar – Ramesh is seen performing the song in a classroom while also showcasing her dance moves and even slick outfit changes that make for an impactful watch. On putting the video together, she says, “The entire process of making the video was quite intense and it was a lot of learning as I haven’t done something like this before.” The artist adds, “It was also fun to have my school batchmates and a couple of my music students as extras in the video.”

Currently, the singer-songwriter is spending her time experimenting with different styles of music as well as various production techniques to enhance her work. Expect more release from Ramesh in 2022, she says, “I hope to surprise the listeners with each of my new songs.”

Watch the video for “Shakti” below:


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