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Watch Akash Chopra’s Elegant Video For ‘259’

The clip has been directed by Nomsita Haritashya

David Britto Mar 28, 2022

Jaipur singer-songwriter Akash Chopra. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

The groundwork for Jaipur singer-songwriter Akash Chopra’s new poignant single “259” was laid down in 2017. He says, “It was only last year, a couple of months ago that I went back to it to work on it more.”

According to the artist, the song is an ode to those who use the wee hours of the night to pen down their “deepest darkest secrets, honest emotions and feelings.” Chopra says, “The song starts with the line, ‘It’s late in midnight, 259.’” He adds, “2:59 is the time when I wrote this song. It’s a person reminiscing a relationship in the middle of the night, at 2:59 am.”

The singer-songwriter produced the track himself and says, “I am pleasantly surprised with how it has turned out.” The song features lush production, beautiful acoustic guitar plucking, Chopra’s calming voice and more. “259” also comes with a charming video – directed by Nomsita Haritashya – and stars Aryann Sarkari.

Next, Chopra has plans to release another single after which he is keen on dropping his debut EP. “I am working on a bunch of songs, both Hindi and English and I will try to release more this year,” says the singer-songwriter.

Watch the music video for “259” below:

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