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Watch: “Akkad Bakkad” by Nucleya

Delhi-based dubstep producer releases the first video from his EP, ‘Koocha Monster’

Rolling Stone India Dec 04, 2013
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The South Indian folk beats infused with his trademark bass sound in Koocha Monster established Nucleya’s eccentricity and impact as a global ethnic bass producer ever since the Delhi-based EDM artist released the EP in October. Nucleya aka Udyan Sagar, has been turning dance floors upside down across festivals and gigs in the country since then.

“Akkad Bakkad”, the most popular number on the six-track Koocha Monster seems to be the perfect choice for a first music video, with its equally popular catch phrase “Fuck that shit.” Right ahead of the Delhi Legislative Assembly elections, Sagar and a group of youth go on a mission to nail a corrupt politician, armed with spray paint cans to draw up a giant poster of a multi-headed version of the Koocha Monster with the obvious “Fuck that shit” knocking the proverbial wig of corruption right off his head. 

The video is directed by Mumbai-based filmmaker Nishant Nayak, who has previously worked on music and travel show MTV Sound Trippin’ in 2012. 


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