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Watch AleXa Battle A Mysterious Foe in The Thrilling ‘Do Or Die’

The Korean-American singer’s new track begins right where “Bomb” left off, mapping her evolution as she comes to understand her true mission

Riddhi Chakraborty Mar 06, 2020
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K-pop star AleXa made her comeback earlier today with the release of a brand new single titled “Do Or Die.” The track is the follow-up to the singer’s October 2019 debut with “Bomb” and further expands the fictional universe where AleXa is a being with artificial intelligence. The song is accompanied by the prelude “A.I TROOPER,” also the name of AleXa’s fandom.

The video for “Do Or Die” begins right where “Bomb” left off, with AleXa roaming a post-apocalyptic Korea. She fuses with a holographic version of herself, evolving and gaining an understanding of her mission to take on and destroy the evil ZB Corporation that was seemingly behind her creation. Over the course of the video she engages in battle with a mysterious masked figure. The fight scenes are interspersed with clips of AleXa performing her now-signature powerful choreography with her army of backup dancers. She finally managers to defeat her masked foe before declaring, “I understand now, why I was called here. But don’t worry, I haven’t failed. I have not and will not fail.”

“Do Or Die” is a girl-power anthem built of Brazilian funk, electronica and EDM and is written by Moonshine, a songwriting duo comprising Swedish artists Ellen Berg Tollbom and Cazzi Opeia. “‘Do or Die’ is a girl power anthem about facing your fears and [the ability to] overcome them,” stated Moonshine in a press release. “When you feel like you have no choice left but to fight for your life, you’re only in it to win it.”

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Earlier this month, AleXa signed with ICM Partners to focus on the U.S. market as a singer, actor and performer. The renowned talent agency boasts a roster that includes the likes of Nicki Minaj, Khalid, Kehlani, and Yuna.

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