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Watch AleXa Make An Explosive Debut With ‘Bomb’

The Korean-American singer and dancer is the first artist signed to ZanyBros’ subsidiary ZB Label

Riddhi Chakraborty Oct 21, 2019

AleXa is unapologetically deadly in every frame of "Bomb" with strong choreography and a touch of danger in her gaze.

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Korean-American singer and dancer Alex Christine aka AleXa made her much-anticipated debut today with the single “Bomb.” AleXa is the first artist to debut under South Korean video production company ZanyBros‘ subsidiary ZB Label.

In the video the 22-year-old pop star is a powerful cyborg, gearing up to take over the world. The clip starts with her being thrown into a pile of discarded female dancers before she wakes up and then in turn awakens the rest to form an army of fellow cyborgs to begin her journey in ZB Label’s artist universe. The vibe is classic ZanyBros, dark, gritty and visuals that echo back to old-school B.A.P and VIXX– but elevated. AleXa is unapologetically deadly in every frame with strong choreography and a touch of danger in her gaze. The opening scene of “Bomb” also features a special shoutout to India–an ode to AleXa’s special relationship with our country–with the Sanskrit word Saṃsāra (which translates to “world” or “cyclicality of all life”) glowing in the distance.

In terms of sound, ZB Label head Angelina Foss explains the goal was to spice things up in today’s K-pop industry–something it needs, especially where female acts are concerned. “Being inspired by the OG K-pop concepts, adding our own favorite genres in the music video, mixing up electronic music with Latin influences for the song…. afrobeat, dance hall moves in choreography and a south african animator designer for the album cover… I hope we have created one of the best K-pop smoothies for everyone in the world to enjoy.”

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Earlier this year in an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone India, ZanyBros co-founder Kim Junhong had stated about the project, “I think that right now, the conventional method of artist management doesn’t work anymore. We see more and more production companies crossing over to entertainment business, entertainment companies crossing over and doing production themselves. We’re starting off with AleXa and we’re going to develop the artist, grow the artists in our own way, the ZanyBros way, and use social network marketing or ‘social marketing,’ which is the thing to do now. It’s going to be like a test-bed for our future.”

The past three years have seen AleXa take part in various ventures including South Korean idol reality show Produce 48, Soompi’s Rising Legends competition and a solo track titled “Strike It Up” before finally making her big debut under ZB Label. “This project has been in the works for a long time, so thank you so much for receiving it so well,” the singer said in a statement. “I am so grateful to everyone who has helped in making my dream a reality, and for bringing AleXa to life! This is absolutely a dream come true, and I hope that I can continue to show you something new every time. I will work harder to become a better, more well-rounded artist.”

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Watch AleXa’s special message for her Indian fans below:

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