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Watch Alobo Naga’s Mysterious New Video ‘Chasing Ghosts’

The Nagaland artist takes the electro pop route as he relaunches the song off his 2017 album ‘Kini’

Rolling Stone IN Mar 28, 2020

A still from the video for Alobo Naga's 'Chasing Ghosts.'

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In his exploration of lost love and missed chances, Nagaland artist Alobo Naga wrote and released “Chasing Ghosts” originally in 2016 with Germany-based Moa Toshi aka MOTO, bringing out slick electro-pop production and cheery acoustic guitars from Lima Mongro. Part of his 2017 album Kini, Naga’s song got a music video release yesterday.

A press statement accompanying the video adds, “As the world and country is in a lockout mode due to COVID-19 pandemic, we have some positive news in the entertainment world.” Directed by filmmaker Ryker Nen and produced by Wjan Production from Guwahati and Itanagar, the music video is all about building mystique and curiosity about a love story that starts out in the protagonist’s adolescence.

Shot in different parts of Nagaland, “Chasing Ghosts” starts with an unsaid conversation and fast forwards to when the lead character — played by Dimapur-based Lanu Kughavi Achumi — is all grown up and a photographer seeking new inspiration. In his trail through the forest to catch the morning light, he spots a woman dressed in white who leads him through different doors and locations, his quest ending in a bittersweet moment.

Although Kini released in 2017 and is still part of Naga’s promo cycle, he also released a stand-alone acoustic ballad called “Kikimiye Le” last month.

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Watch the video for “Chasing Ghosts” below.

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