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Watch Amit Trivedi on Rolling Stone ICONS: ‘My Own Hit Songs Become My Enemies’

The industry needs to quit being formulaic, says the pathbreaking composer on our newly launched show in association with JBL and Beatoven.ai

Rolling Stone IN Jun 22, 2022

An iconic occurrence, whether in music or otherwise, can neither be predicted nor manufactured, declares Amit Trivedi. The composer-producer is the second guest on our newly launched music show Rolling Stone ICONS  in association with JBL and Beatoven.ai. “Culturally, there is a big flaw with the way we treat creativity. We love to duplicate anything that becomes successful, fully forgetting the fact that it was successful because it was unique in the first place. And one can’t copy or duplicate that moment again,” says Trivedi as he sits down for a chat with Nirmika Singh (Executive Editor, Rolling Stone India).

Rolling Stone ICONS is a rare conversation series which chronicles the stories of India’s most prodigious artists, including composers A.R. Rahman and Salim Merchant, singer/rapper Raja Kumari and pop superstar Armaan Malik. Launched as an exclusive World Music Day showcase by Rolling Stone India, the series unravels the many creative layers that a musician wears, revealing artistic cores that are audacious, fearless and inspiring.

Watch Rolling Stone ICONS featuring Amit Trivedi:

Says Nirmika Singh, “Musicians build and shape pop culture in unique forms, way beyond their obvious creative contributions in the form of songs and soundtracks. They offer therapy, construct memories and preserve nostalgia for generations of listeners. Rolling Stone ICONS aims to get behind this process of creative explosion with some of India’s greatest music minds, and uncover how they do what they do.”

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JBL and Beatoven.ai are the esteemed partners for Rolling Stone ICONS. With its commitment to sonics, JBL has been the most trusted name in music for the past 75 years, while Beatoven.ai is brewing a new AI movement as it creates unique royalty-free sounds for a growing breed of content creators.