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Watch ATEEZ Break The Rules in ‘The Real (Heung Ver.)’

The group’s latest release comes a week after the melancholic single ‘Turbulence’

Divyansha Dongre Dec 10, 2021
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Blending the resplendency of Traditional Korean music with the pulsating rhythm of hip-hop and trap, K-pop monster group ATEEZ makes a striking comeback with “The Real (Heung Ver.)”

Originally performed on Mnet’s reality television program Kingdom: Legendary War, this Heung version amps up the traditional Korean music, giving the track a zesty kick. Co-written by Hongjoong and Mingi along with Eden, Leez, Oliv, Ollunder and Peperoni, “The Real (Heung Ver.)” is a firm manifesto outlining the group’s chilling confidence and passion for life. 

With a message of how one must not let go of humbleness and kindness regardless of the peaks they climb, ATEEZ’S latest release mimics a classroom scene with the members coaching others on valuable life lessons; “The more you bow down, the more skilled you become/ The more you watch your mouth, the more skilled you become/ The more you bow your head, the more skilled you become/ The more you learn, the more skilled you become (Hey).”— it’s almost as if ATEEZ is reflecting on their journey thus far, letting in others on their playbook of success. 

The fusion between traditional brass elements and sharp trap beats creates a flavorsome concoction of melodies, instantly carving a place in the listener’s consciousness. Keep an eye out for the electric instrumental outro, which pairs itself effortlessly with an even powerful dance break. The dynamic integration of the two captures ATEEZ’s popstar personas, responsible for making them one of K-pop’s biggest fourth-generation groups. 

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Matching the thematics of the single, the music videos see the group switch between different mood boards from the insides of a classroom, secret meet-up spot for a biker gang to beguiling traditional Korean hanboks. Maintaining an unruly righteous atmosphere, the video concludes with the members dressed in school uniforms, spearheading a liberation movement. 

ATEEZ’s “The Real (Heung Ver.)” and the December 4th release “Turbulence” lead the group’s latest album, ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE. The 10-track project contains a mix of tracks the group performed on Kingdom: Legendary War as well as Korean versions of their Japanese tracks. 

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