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Watch ATEEZ Confront their Inner Demons in the Video for “Say My Name”

The rookie boy group make a powerful first comeback with their signature explosive drops and sharp choreography

Riddhi Chakraborty Jan 15, 2019

In addition to clips of ATEEZ performing smooth choreography, "Say My Name" takes a symbolic turn with each member meeting and confronting their masked alter egos.

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South Korean rookie boy group ATEEZ made their first comeback today with their second EP Treasure Ep.2: Zero to One. The EP is accompanied by a music video for the lead single “Say My Name” which began trending online worldwide minutes after its release.

The eight member group first gained attention in May 2018–way before their official debut–after dropping a crisp and playful dance performance set to Famous Dex’s “Pick It Up” feat. A$AP Rocky. The video went viral, garnering over a million views in less than two months, creating plenty of buzz around the group and anticipation for their October debut with Treasure EP.1: All to Zero. Since then, ATEEZ have been applauded for their confident and power-packed performance style, as well as their involvement in the songwriting and production of their own music.

While their first two videos “Teasure” and “Pirate King” garnered them plenty of praise, the band seem to have upped the game with their first comeback. In addition to several gorgeous concept images, ATEEZ dropped a striking choreography clip to the Treasure Ep.2: Zero to One track “Hala Hala.” Dressed in black from head to toe with their faces partially hidden, the members made an impression with their sharp choreography and piercing gazes. The video clocked in over a million views in four days on YouTube thanks to its mysterious aesthetic.

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“Say My Name” seems to be visually linked to “Hala Hala” with the group alternating between their all-black outfits to the suave sepia clothing from their concept images. In addition to featuring clips of the band performing smooth choreography, “Say My Name” takes a symbolic turn with each member meeting and confronting their masked alter egos.

Created in collaboration with R&B singer-songwriter Eden, producers Buddy and Leez and members Mingi and HongJoong, “Say My Name” makes fascinating musical oscillations, switching between being a trap-electronica anthem to a piano ballad. This allows the track to feature ATEEZ’s signature bass drops, soaring vocals and fiery rap in equal proportion.

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