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Watch ATEEZ Speak From Their Heart In ‘Turbulence’

The title track builds up the momentum for ATEEZ’s upcoming album ZERO : FEVER EPILOGUE

Divyansha Dongre Dec 03, 2021
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Ahead of the release of their forthcoming album, K-Pop monster group ATEEZ gets up close and personal with their latest release “Turbulence.” 

The coming-of-age pop anthem blends ATEEZ’s vocal mastery and lyricism as the group explores the pivotal point in every youngster’s life, where anxiety and emptiness cloud their senses. While the lyrics explore these emotions at a nuanced level, the soundscape of “Turbulence”—driven by the percussion-string arrangement—lights a flame of hope in the minds of the listeners, with the message that one must learn to power through all the hardships in life. 

While the focus of the track stems from a particular time in a youngster’s life—one where they’re at a constant state of war with themselves—the lyrics presents itself as a complete story, highlighting the emotional journey from acceptance to resilience. A glimpse of this is experienced in the chorus placement and distribution technique. 

The recurring chorus presents the mindset of an anxious youngster struggling with self identity; “At the end of this road, where should we be?/ What should we become, in what form?/ I’m already overwhelmed/ To be myself barely.” As the song proceeds, ATEEZ switches gears, cueing in an epiphany that clears their doubt; “At the end of this road/ If we must become something in this form/ I hope to be myself/ I hope you feel the same way.”

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Reassuring their listeners that it’s okay to stay where they are, without dwelling much on the pressure of the rat race, ATEEZ concludes the track on a comforting note; “It’s okay to be here, just as we are/ Just like now tonight.”

The music video sticks to the melancholic tone, with a prominent blue hue palette, suggesting that tranquility and confidence lie at the end of the road. Several visual cues, such as switching to airplane mode (suggesting one’s desire to cut off from reality) communicate the emotional landscape the song drives its inspiration from. 

“Turbulence” forays the group’s forthcoming album ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE, scheduled to release on December 10th at 2:30 PM IST. The group is also set to embark on a world tour early next year. The tour titled ‘THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END’ is scheduled to be held in 12 cities in USA and Europe, and Seoul. 

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