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Watch ATEEZ’s Incendiary Video For ‘Fireworks (I’m The One)’

The South Korean group return with the lead single off their latest EP ‘Zero: Fever Part.2’

Riddhi Chakraborty Mar 01, 2021
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South Korean group ATEEZ made a fierce comeback today with their sixth EP Zero: Fever Part.2 led by the single “Fireworks (I’m The One.)” The record is a follow-up to the band’s EP Zero: Fever Part.1 which dropped in July last year. 

The music video for “Fireworks (I’m The One)” sees ATEEZ in their element–a dark, dynamic concept paired with fast-paced and daring choreography. The group roam a post-apocalyptic, desert landscape that seems torn apart by war. They gather in an abandoned subway station and look to be gearing up for a fight as they train with various weaponry and armored vehicles. While rapper Mingi is currently on hiatus and does not appear in the video, the group found a unique way to include him with a scene of them gathered around a transmission device as his voice comes through with his verse. The video is filled with clips of the seven members performing some of their most vigorous and inventive choreography yet. There are plenty of flames and fireworks to do the song’s title justice and provide some breathtaking moments of cinematography. 

ATEEZ deliver a blend of EDM, trap and pop on “Fireworks,” making for an upbeat track that works great as a hype anthem. The lyrics focus on the group’s strong belief in hard work, self-confidence and a desire to succeed. They compare themselves to a fire that consumes the world with their passion, and encourage their fans to join them on their journey to the top while others who waste their time on drinking and partying fall behind: “I’m the one in my zone/ Others just peep/ Look at those drunk fools/ What’s going on here./ Everyone is all mistaken oh no/ As if that is the real hip/ We don’t even need to oh no/ Even you have it/ Your own passion.”

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Zero: Fever Part.2 comprises a total of seven tracks, including an English language version of “Take Me Home,” a first for the group. Leader Hongjoong and Mingi share writing and production credits on every track with their longtime collaborators, producers EDEN, Ollounder, Leez and more.

Stream ‘Zero: Fever Part.2’ below:

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