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Watch ATEEZ’s Power-Packed Video for ‘Thanxx’

The South Korean group drive in their mission as pirate leaders of their generation

Riddhi Chakraborty Aug 23, 2020
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After weeks of teasing fans with sneak peeks and posters, South Korean group ATEEZ have finally dropped the dynamic music video for their track “Thanxx.” The track is part of the band’s fifth EP Zero: Fever Part.1 and follows the release of the lead single “Inception.”

The first half of the music video for “Thanxx” sees the eight members of ATEEZ don school uniforms which they manage to customize to fit their personalities, rejecting the rigid school system most youth are forced into. They eventually escape from school and lead a group of students/dancers to a colourful utopia of individuality and freedom. The members build a fort, which seems to symbolize a safe haven of sorts, assuring everyone who follows them that they will be able to express themselves and celebrate who they are. The visuals and lyrics reinforce ATEEZ’s continued theme of being Neo-pirates, a group of rebellious but righteous youth who lead us all on a path to a better future. Towards the end of the clip, the eight members join and then lead a parade of strong and confident young people who refuse to conform to society’s expectations.

The scene is similar to 2019’s “Wonderland” music video in its darkness and danger, however instead of a rigid military march, ATEEZ lead a grand, ominous parade to celebrate their unique identities. The group stand on a giant float which at the very end turns out to be a ship–linking to past music videos like “Illusion”–to drive in their mission as pirate leaders of their generation. While “Inception” seemed to take place within ATEEZ’s dreams, “Thanxx” is rooted in reality with its themes of rebellion, strength and taking control of one’s own destiny.

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“Inception” maintained a melancholic and dreamy vibe thanks to the generous doses of synth-pop and soaring vocals; “Thanxx” allows the group’s rappers Hongjoong and Mingi to display their skills, slamming listeners out of dreamscape with fiery verses and layered trap. Co-written by the rappers, the lyrics are strong and confident, tinged with sarcasm as they assure the listener ATEEZ don’t need anyone to help them in their journey to the top. They’ll do what they want and don’t need anyone’s guidance or charity as they sing, “Your worries? no thanks I’m ok/I’m just doing me/Don’t say you’re doing this for me/Leave me alone, I’m in my own rhythm… Don’t, don’t do things however you want/Because I know myself pretty well/Whatever it is, I’ll do it my way/Just leave me alone.” Just like with their 2019 EP Treasure EP.3: One to All, ATEEZ let their fans to choose between “Thanxx” and “Inception” as the lead single for Zero: Fever Part.1, with “Inception” finally winning the vote to become lead single. “Thanxx” follows as the second single from the record.

ATEEZ have proved themselves to be one of the leading groups in the fourth generation of K-pop. After building a powerful international following from their debut in October 2018, they became the first rookie group to sell out tours in the U.S. and Europe so soon after debut, eventually signing a deal with RCA Records (Sony Music) for international promotions. While ATEEZ were considered underdogs in their home country, the success of Zero: Fever Part.1 and “Inception” on local charts like Melon and Soribada over the last month has cemented them as a force to be reckoned with.

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