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Watch Avicii’s Strikingly Minimal Music Video for ‘You Be Love’

EDM DJ collaborates with rock singer Billy Raffoul on downcast EP track

Tiffany Bey Dec 22, 2017

Swedish DJ Avicii. Photo: Press image

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Swedish DJ, Avicii, released a striking, minimal music video for “You Be Love,” his hit single featuring rock singer Billy Raffoul. The song is from his EP, AVĪCI, released in August.

The video, directed by TNT, conveys a love story told through the subtle poses and expressions of statues. The song’s devotional message is relayed by the pale, stark figures. Two female figures reach appear to reach for one another while their faces cycle through an array of emotions from hope to anger to love.

The abstract video reflects the 27-year-old artist’s contemplation of his own emotions. “None of us today can fucking handle our emotions – most of us are running around being reactive,” he told Rolling Stone in September. “That’s why I had to stop touring, because I couldn’t read my emotions the right way.”

Avicii announced his retirement from performing live in 2016. His recently-released Netflix documentary, Avicii: True Stories, gives an intimate view of the health issues that led to that decision.

Watch the video below: 

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