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Watch Bharat Chauhan Oscillate Between the Past and Present in ‘Tu Hoti Toh’

The New Delhi singer-songwriter’s melancholic track delivers lush bass while reminiscing about lost love

Jessica Xalxo Jun 24, 2019

Fantastical elements accompany mundane sights and objects in New Delhi singer-songwriter Bharat Chauhan's “Tu Hoti Toh” music video

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New Delhi singer-songwriter Bharat Chauhan is back with a mesmerizing second single for 2019, the acoustic alt track “Tu Hoti Toh” after releasing the laidback “Tinka” earlier this year.

The new track’s accompanying music video reminisces of a lost love while oscillating between the past and present. From the old typewriter to the suspended moons and an inverted ocean, the imagery in the clip gives all in a bid to turn back the clock. “There was a blurry thought in my head for the music video, which was to make it particularly nostalgic and dreamy,” says Chauhan.

Fantastical elements accompany mundane sights and objects in “Tu Hoti Toh” what with a supernova suspended in water, waning moons framing architecture and the sky meeting the ocean. The vintage collides with the celestial to form a disarming and captivating visual landscape.

Chauhan’s signature husky vocals dominate the song while his crystalline tenor is accompanied by delicate and lingering finger-picking, which translate seamlessly into the dreamy, dreary moodscape of introspective bittersweet memories. The musician is backed by bassist Amar Pandey, guitarist Ritwik Dey and drummer Aveleon Giles Waz.

The instrumentation surges towards the bridge as resounding percussion is bathed in lush bass and the rhythm is amplified. Pandey’s interesting and full-bodied riff takes the chorus to the next level as the track slows into its gentle coda. The song and video are as much an auditory delight as they are an immersive visual experience with Chauhan bearing a torch to all who’ve lost a loved one.

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Watch the video for “Tu Hoti Toh” below:

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