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Watch: Bhrigu Sahni Performs His Tranquil Single ‘Momentary Present’ at BYOH Live

The fingerstyle guitarist kicks off Volume 2 of Pune-based listening sessions hosted by Gray Spark Audio

Riddhi Chakraborty Mar 14, 2018

Bhrigu Sahni's contemplative track "Momentary Present"  gets a striking blend of visuals courtesy of the gig series BYOH Live and videographer Ron Bezbaruah aka Crumpled Paper. Photo: Ron Bezbaruah

Initially released on his debut solo album What Is Now at the end of 2016, Pune-based fingerstyle guitarist Bhrigu Sahni’s contemplative track “Momentary Present”  gets a striking blend of visuals courtesy of the gig series BYOH Live and videographer Ron Bezbaruah aka Crumpled Paper.

Sahni performed his track at Gray Spark Audio, a Pune-based studio founded by sound engineers Ronak Runwal and Nikita Borges which hosts the unique Bring Your Own Headphones Live sessions that aims to change the way audiences and artists perceive each other during performances. “Ronak is an old friend and when I was in the country last year, I had heard that he had set up shop at a beautiful new location in Baner,” recalls Sahni. “I had seen pictures and really wanted to work on something in his new studio. I think we got on a phone call and he told me about the idea of BYOH and I was sold.”

The BYOH concept revolves around having an audience present in the studio to watch the artist but hear them perform through headphones in studio-quality. Released on March 3rd, the video for “Momentary Present” features Sahni performing while several people watch and listen to him, their attention completely on the music, the headphones eliminating other aural distractions. “It really is a surreal experience to have each person in the audience listening to the exact same thing you are listening to,” Sahni explains. “It somehow dissolves the gap between the performer and the audience.”

He goes on to explain that rather than thinking of the experience as a recording session, he looked at it as a way to connect with the audience on a deeper level. “I don’t think I’d be able to have a proper recording session with a lot of people in the studio,” he adds. “That is a sacred creative space and I’m not sure I’m comfortable enough recording in front of an audience as yet.”
In the video, the studio’s warm lighting and intimate setting complement the tranquil, hazy instrumentals of “Momentary Present” as well as Sahni’s soulful voice. When it comes to the track itself, Sahni explains it was born of the reflection on being in the present moment and how that’s all we ever have “‘Momentary Present’ is one of the first songs I wrote,” he says.  “At the time of writing this , I was really busy and time seemed to be passing by fairly quickly– as I’m sure is the case for most people. I realized that all we have is the present moment and our lives seem to unfold in this one very long everlasting current. And the more I’d try to stay in it, that is stay present, the more beauty I’d see in everyday things.”
After spending 10 years in New York, Sahni is in the middle of moving to Mumbai for a few months to work on new music. “I’m trying to hole myself up and work on a lot of my own music that I haven’t had the chance to really immerse myself in,” he says, adding that he also plans on going on tour later this year.
Watch Bhrigu Sahni perform “Momentary Present” at BYOH Live:

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