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Watch: The Bicycle Days Vocalist Returns As R&B/Hip-Hop Artist Enocch

Formerly known as Karthik Basker, the producer-rapper has released his debut single ‘SoothSayer’

Anurag Tagat Mar 27, 2018

Bengaluru-based hip-hop artist Enocch. Photo: Camilla Sebastian

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In the last two years, Bengaluru vocalist, guitarist and producer Karthik Basker moved to Kodaikanal, got baptized, changed his name to Enocch (a biblical figure) and turned to hip-hop. For someone who once led psychedelic/alternative act The Bicycle Days, then electronic duo Klypp and alternative act Blushing Satellite, this is certainly a sea of change. “Nature heals and I feel like I’ve healed a lot,” Enocch says.

By his own admission, Enocch was never into hip-hop, but was drawn in by the way it was a vehicle for better storytelling. On his first solo single “SoothSayer,” he makes a familiar introduction ”“ observing the state of the world around him, employing his sublime croon for a chorus but also rapping over a reggae-esque beat. “It’s also a fuck-you to my haters,” he says. That’s when you believe that as much as there’s a spiritual side to Enocch, he’s against organized religion.

The transformation into a solo artist who declares he wants to be a musician for the masses also seems like a push in the complete opposite direction from his past work. Enocch says that whenever anyone mentions his first band, The Bicycle Days, it “feels like a different life.” He adds, “It was a constricting process to be working with others. It wasn’t a very inspiring situation [to be in a rock band]. It’s boring to see four guys on stage, playing guitar. I’m done rubbing dicks.”

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Interestingly, his focus also turns to making more money from being a musician full-time. “SoothSayer” ”“ directed by Camilla Sebastian and featuring dancer Ankush Barwa ”“ has already accrued over 4,500 hits. Enocch promises there’s not going to be any soul-selling or “cringe-worthy” music, but his live shows will include dancers Chinny Frances and Camilla as well, who will feature in his next single “Drumbum.” He says, “It’s louder, in your face and more communicative. I’m out to entertain but I won’t compromise on my art.”

Watch the video for “SoothSayer”

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