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Watch Bloodywood’s Heartfelt Tribute on ‘Yaad’

The New Delhi folk metallers are out with their first song of the year, look to European festivals later this year

Anurag Tagat Mar 31, 2020

Bloodywood in a promo still from their new video and single 'Yaad.'

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For anyone who’s nurtured and eventually bid farewell to a furry companion, folk metallers Bloodywood’s new video “Yaad” might just cue the waterworks. On the first release of 2020, the New Delhi band pens a tribute to the impact that unconditional love bears.

Produced by Bloodywood guitarist-composer Karan Katiyar, the video starts off with a protagonist (played by Kushagra Nautiyal, from fellow metallers Warwan) replaying all his memories with his trusted dog on a video camera. The video is interspersed with shots of the band – Katiyar, along with vocalists Jayant Bhadula and Raoul Kerr – in the Himalayas amidst greenery and snow alike.

While the song plays up elements that are now synonymous with Bloodywood – the flute, dhol and Kerr’s rap alternated with Bhadula’s impassioned vocals – there’s a hint of new elements such as electronica and frantic drum work. Following the five-minute video, there’s a plea from the band to donate and support local non-profit animal shelter The Posh Foundation.

Through Bloodywood’s Patreon page (which currently has 947 regular contributors), they’ve been funding their music and videos which have gained millions of views. Their 2019 debut European tour, however, which saw sold out venues, also helped them pool their resources to buy a new van for The Posh Foundation. The band says in a press statement that the change “will help save the lives of over 27,000 homeless animals in the National Capital Region of India over the next five years.”

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Katiyar says it’s understandably difficult to ask people to contribute at a time when the globe is fighting off the Coronavirus pandemic, but assures that there are no deadlines or pressures to contribute. “I know the world is hurting right now because of COVID19 and I’m not expecting people to contribute right away. But you need to know that we’re not a Netflix-like service where you gotta pay us to enjoy our content – it’s already out there for free. Nobody has a gun pointed to their head. Only those who are willing and capable contribute out of their own free will.”

While their long anticipated North American debut – including a set at Columbus, Ohio’s new festival Sonic Temple – was called off due to the pandemic, there are still dates confirmed in the U.K. in August, including Bloodstock Festival and Summer Breeze Open Air in Germany. While it’s a waiting game for now, Katiyar adds, “No matter what happens in 2020 we will be back in 2021.”

Watch the video for “Yaad” below. 

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