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Watch Bobby’s Action-Packed Video For ‘U Mad’

The iKON rapper returns with his second studio album ‘Lucky Man’

Riddhi Chakraborty Jan 25, 2021
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South Korean group iKON’s rapper Bobby made a solo comeback earlier today with his second studio album Lucky Man. The 17-track record is a follow-up to his 2017 LP Love and Fall and largely takes a darker, more complex route than its summery precursor. 

The release was led by the single “U Mad,” a trap and rap heavy diss track that tears apart the rapper’s critics and rivals: “The loser is doing better than expected/ Bet you caught a stomachache from jealousy/ When probably more than half of you were looking at the money/ Thought it was pathetic.” It’s vicious and flooded with EDM drops on each chorus to drive in the metaphorical nail in the coffin of Bobby’s haters. 

“U Mad” is accompanied by a cinematic music video that sees the rapper embark on a heist to steal a CD from a rival gang–seemingly led by a double of himself. Bobby falls into a trap while searching for the CD and soon engages in a thrilling fight with a horde of gang members, packing and taking punches on his way to victory. He escapes the scene with a confident leap off the roof of a skyscraper and leads the audience into a surprise twist right at the end.  

Lucky Man sees some stellar production and songwriting from Bobby, as well as collaborations with his iKON bandmates DK and JU-NE. Usually known for his ferocity and rapid rap, Bobby surprised audiences pleasantly with the sweet Love and Fall in 2017, but Lucky Man sees him unleash a range of artistic skill with a variety of genres, a diverse range of flow changes and a prose that runs through the record. “The key was threading the tracks into a story,” Bobby explained during a press conference for Lucky Man earlier today. “I worked on arranging the order of the songs and the lyrics so that they could make listeners anticipate the next song when they listen to the track list.”

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Stream ‘Lucky Man’ below:

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