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Watch Bruno Mars’ Transfixing ‘Versace on the Floor’ Video With Zendaya

Singer seduces ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ star in latest ’24K Magic’ video

Daniel Kreps Aug 14, 2017
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Bruno Mars puts Spider-Man: Homecoming star Zendaya under his spell in his transfixing new video for “Versace on the Floor,” the slow jam single off the singer’s 24K Magic.

In the video, Mars and Zendaya play apartment neighbors that give each other flirty glances in the hallway. As Mars sings “Versace on the Floor” in his own purple-lit pad, his music has an quasi-magical effect on Zendaya next door, making her gown unzip telekinetically while she grooves to the 24K Magic single seeping through the wall.

The video ends with Zendaya’s gown literally hitting the floor and a “The End” screen accompanied by a knock on the door.

“Versace on the Floor” follows Mars’ 24K Magic videos for “That’s What I Like” and the title track.

As Mars previously told Rolling Stone, he recorded at least six different versions of “Versace on the Floor,” including a lounge-y “poolside version” and a more “epic” take before settling on the album version. “We’re painting this picture ”“ both in silk, I’m promising the world. But I’m not singing. This is supposed to be a big ballad on the album, but I’m not giving it to ’em! If we’re gonna really, dramatically slow things down, I’ve got to be singing some shit,” Mars said. Mars also dropped a David Guetta remix of “Versace on the Floor” in July.

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On Saturday, Mars announced that he would donate $1 million from his Detroit-area concert to an organization fighting the Flint water crisis.

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