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Watch: The Budweiser Hard Way Series with Dualist Inquiry

The Delhi-based electronic music artist talks about freedom in this short film series

Rolling Stone India
Rolling Stone India Aug 03, 2016
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When it comes to freedom, no one really knows what it actually is. Is freedom breathing in the air everyday? Or is it being able to do what we want? Sahej Bakshi aka Dualist Inquiry explores these questions in a recently-released short film. “There are always these opposing forces acting in all of us. The free-spirited heart and the constrained mind. It’s only after I embrace the extremes though, that I feel real freedom,” he narrates in the film which is part of The Budweiser Hard Way Series. The three-film series is aimed at highlighting the works of young achievers. While Bakshi represents the music scene, popular fashion designer Masaba Gupta and footballer Robin Singh feature in two other similar projects.

The short documentary follows Bakshi in his creative avatar and how he perfects his sound in the confines of his studio. It culminates with the musician performing in a dimly lit warehouse even as he switches between manning the console and playing the guitar.

Talking about this online initiative, Kartikeya Sharma, Marketing Director, AB InBev, India & South East Asia says, “Personalities like Masaba Gupta, Robin Singh, and Sahej Bakshi are youth icons who have brilliantly demonstrated these values and philosophy, in the manner in which they have achieved success. We are happy to partner with them and hope their journeys inspire many more.”

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