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Watch: Your Chin’s New Music Video

An animated chin steals the show in VFX artist Vijesh Rajan’s new video for Your Chin’s “Fingerprints and Mugshots”

Radhapriya Gupta Feb 18, 2015
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VFX artist Vijesh Rajan has struck an eerie chord this time with his new video for Mumbai electro rock band Sky Rabbit’s vocalist Raxit Tewari’s solo project Your Chin. The video for Your Chin’s track “Fingerprints and Mugshots” is set in a house that seems perfect for a crime show. Its plot is intriguing and the mood is sinister. Starring actor Neil Bhoopalam, the video showcases the protagonist’s delusional world and his friend, who happens to be an animated chin. Says Rajan, “That is [an image of] my chin upside down in the video. Basically, the chin is our video’s Tyler Durden (from Fight Club). Last year, I had asked Raxit if he has a video with a chin in it and he said ‘not yet’. That is when I told him that I will make one, for one of his tracks.” The video also features Krish Makhija of Mosambi Juice Productions, and Paloma Monnappa, DJ, actress and one half the electronic duo AlgoRhythm. We suggest that you watch the video at least twice to grasp every detail.

Watch the video here:


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