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Watch Chris Martin, Kendrick Lamar in Trailer for Global Citizen Fest Doc

Usher, Hugh Jackman, Forest Whitaker also praise socially conscious festival in ‘Louder Together’

Ryan Reed Sep 07, 2017

Coldplay‘s Chris Martin, Kendrick Lamar, Usher, Forest Whitaker and other celebrities praise the socially conscious Global Citizen Festival‘s worldwide movement in a trailer for the documentary, Louder Together. The doc premieres Wednesday, September 13th on free streaming platform, Go90.

In Louder Together: A Global Citizen Documentary; New York to Mumbai, directors Ryan Gall and Marcus Haney chronicle the 2016 festivals in New York City and Mumbai, India, spotlighting Global Citizen’s work on issues like extreme poverty, sanitation and gender inequality.

Martin, the festival’s current creative director, adds that music helps spread these social changes. “When you bring a big festival in, then politicians become interesting in being involved, and that’s when changes start to happen,” he says in the clip.

Hugh Jackman, who narrates the film, spells out Global Citizen’s objectives. “To me, [it’s] a movement ”“ a movement of people of who inequity, see imbalance, see injustice, and together see a roadmap to solving it”¦ It’s not about giving money. Rather, time and action are the currency of this movement.”

Louder Together blends interviews and festival performances, including live footage from Kendrick Lamar, Coldplay, Usher, Rihanna, Metallica, Jay Z, Demi Lovato, Ellie Goulding, Eddie Vedder and Major Lazer. Lamar credits his passion for activism to children (“Everything starts with the kids”) and Usher emphasizes that it’s his “duty” to use his celebrity for good causes.

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“It’s an inspiring feeling you get when you’re at a Global Citizen Festival, surrounded by thousands of people who all took action to get there,” Gall, a co-founder of Global Citizen, told Variety. Stevie Wonder, Green Day and the Chainsmokers will headline the 2017 Global Citizen Festival, booked for September 23rd at New York’s Central Park.



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