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Watch Composer Aditya Vedula’s Stark New Video for ‘Ms.Bose’

The Pune-based artist enlists producer Advait Sawant and animation artist Iman Saha for a poignant animated short about mental health

Anurag Tagat Sep 05, 2021

Pune-based composer Aditya Vedula.

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After bearing witness to real life situations centered around mental health, domestic abuse and other societal ills, Pune-based composer and guitarist Aditya Vedula began working on “Ms.Bose,” a meditative yet unnerving track which is supported by a animated short film.

Teaming up with producer Advait Sawant as well as animation artist Iman Saha (who previously worked on “Sahara” with Debanjan Biswas), Vedula says the classical guitar-informed “Ms.Bose” was born in late 2019. He says, “The idea behind it is about a phase which every people go through in their life where they lose people and see and experience stuff which makes them question the world we live in and the people we live with. But still people move on with their lives with a happy face, hiding their insecurities, fear and difficulties.”

With a reoccurring motif of a seemingly Grim Reaper-like figure appearing throughout the music video, Saha and Vedula worked to create a story about a delivery personnel struggling to make ends meet. A food order takes him to a different part of town, where he helplessly makes his delivery to a woman who is a survivor of domestic abuse. Although it might look like an animated short film with a background score, the composer confirms that the song came first, followed by a visual narrative for “Ms.Bose.” He adds, “It’s so surreal that both fit so perfectly. It feels like the music was made for this video. It’s not like the story is made up, it’s all incidents that I have seen.”

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Created remotely between Saha in Kolkata and Vedula in Chhattisgarh, the artist wants this track to be his contribution towards having open discussions about mental well-being. His debut solo single arrives after years honing his skill — first picking up piano in school and guitar in college, then finishing up his engineering degree only to enroll at True School of Music in Mumbai for a performance course. Vedula is currently a session player and guitar teacher at an institute in Pune.

Watch the video for “Ms.Bose” below.

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