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Watch Composer Rahul R. Govinda’s Affectionate Video for ‘May Be Someday’

The track also features vocalist Alexis D’Souza

David Britto Feb 03, 2020

Bengaluru-based models Prarthana Jagan (right) and Ayushi Tyagi feature in composer/producer Rahul R. Govinda's video for "May Be Someday." Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Bengaluru-based composer/producer Rahul R. Govinda is back with fresh music after releasing his debut folksy single “Paigaam” in 2018. The new laidback song, “May Be Someday,” features sustained guitar strums, flamenco-style plucking and an electronica undertone. The song, which he began working on in early 2019, is very close to his heart according to the musician. He says, “’May Be Someday’ is literally about the freedom of love and the existentialism.”

“May Be Someday” also includes luxuriant vocals by singer Alexis D’Souza who evokes plenty of emotion through her performance and brings the lyrics to life. “Alexis is an amazing vocalist who happened to this project as a blessing [sic]. [She is] the main backbone of the song,” says Govinda.

The track’s accompanying video – directed by Sajith Soman – showcases a romantic relationship between two women played by Bengaluru-based models/actresses Prarthana Jagan and Ayushi Tyagi. The pair are seen going for a drive, sharing laughs on a couch, picking and squashing grapes at a vineyard, talking on the phone to each other, having a night out and laying on the grass. Govinda says, “When I showed him [Soman] this song, he put the spark of love between two girls [as the narrative]. We don’t want to say it’s a lesbian [spark].” He adds, “It’s just an innocent expression or a love of two teenagers.”

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Govinda recorded “May Be Someday” at Bengaluru’s Audiokraft Studios where he also works as a senior audio engineer. “They helped me [by] giving a lot of studio hours for free,” he says. The producer also mixed and mastered the track himself. Next, Govinda has more music in the works which he plans on putting out soon with a “bigger than life experience.”

Watch the video below:

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