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Watch: Daira Premiere New Material on Web Series ‘Overtones’

Hosted and produced by Thane’s Benchmark Studios, the project features performances by Mumbai acts such as metallers Primitiv and alt rock band Hook

Rolling Stone India Mar 24, 2017
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[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZ5m-v-nHE4[/youtube]

Mirroring the success of in-studio performance series such as Audiotree live in Chicago, Thane-based Benchmark Studios have kicked off Overtones, showcasing bands from Mumbai not just with performances but also through stories.

One of the biggest draws for Overtones is hearing studio-polished audio set to a video of bands in their element, hopefully bringing their live energy to the front. The series kicked off with Mumbai alt rock band Daira, who played one of their earliest compositions “Har Subaha,” off their 2015 debut album and an unreleased song called “Sahaafi,” an eerie song that’s punctuated by a horn solo from vocalist Piyush Kapoor.  

In the debut 18-minute episode, the band’s drummer Pratik Kulgod mentions how Daira came about at a time when there was “monotony” setting into each members’ life. He adds, “We all left our old selves to start Daira.” That’s when Kapoor changes the topic. “Kuch chaat masala batana hai? [Should we share a more gossipy story?],” he asks Kulgod, even as the entire band recount their time consuming bhang-infused thandai in Lucknow. 

The weekly series, hosted on the Benchmark Studios Facebook page as well as their YouTube account, is also slated to include “stone-age” metallers Primitiv and alt rock band Hook, amongst a total of five artists in five weeks.

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Follow Benchmark Studios Facebook page for more webisodes of Overtones.

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