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Watch Daisuke Tanabe’s Blipped Out New Video for ‘Cat Step’

The title track is animated into the Japanese electronic producer’s first music video off his 2018 EP ‘Cat Steps’

Anurag Tagat Feb 18, 2019

Japanese producer Daisuke Tanabe. Photo: Nakaya Sato

Japanese electronic producer Daisuke Tanabe’s enriching, lightheaded dance music that’s driven by footwork and jungle is perhaps best heard on “Cat Step,” the title track off his 2018 EP Cat Steps.

In the track buoyant beats carry glitchy synth and swirling patterns, not to mention typically computer-generated blips and clicks. The track is experienced in somewhat of a new light with the Tokyo-based producer’s first music video, directed by animation director Takashi Ohashi. Tanabe says of the collaboration, “Takashi approached me to make a music video for a track a while ago, but I didn’t have any tunes to give him at the time. So when I completed Cat Steps EP, I sent it to him and he picked ”˜Cat Step.’”

Released by Mumbai-based record label Knowmad, their description of “Cat Step” states, “The video presents an entire world centered around a rectangle. The rectangle reacts and dances to the music as if its essence were the same piano roll of the digital audio workstation in which the music was created.”

Tanabe first toured India in 2016, including a set at Magnetic Fields Festival in Rajasthan, followed by a more recent tour in September last year, promoting Cat Steps, which also featured artwork by Bengaluru art and design collective Blankfound. Tanabe says he’s currently working with U.K. downtempo/experimental producer Kidkanevil aka Gerard Roberts together as Kidsuke, on the follow-up to 2012’s self-titled debut album. As for returning to India, Tanabe says, “As soon as I get an offer. I’m always up for touring in India. So much fun to tour there.”

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