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Watch DAWN’s Saucy Video for ‘DAWNDIDIDAWN’

The South Korean rapper dropped his first solo EP of the same name earlier today featuring collaborations with Jessi, Crush

Riddhi Chakraborty Oct 09, 2020
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South Korean rapper DAWN dropped his first solo EP DAWNDIDIDAWN today. The record is his first comeback in nearly a year since November 2019’s “Money” and is led by the single of the same name. The rapper and songwriter also released a music video to accompany the track.

The track celebrates DAWN stepping onto the scene, the name itself an ode to the artist. He’s playful with his lyrics, taunting haters while encouraging new audiences to look him up and discover exactly who he is, “If you don’t know DAWN, google it/You’ve got a problem? Here’s my middle finger.”  The track is filled with references to people in DAWN’s life, including pop superstar, labelmate and girlfriend HyunA (“Bubble Pop Señorita always by my side”) and his label P Nation’s CEO, “Gangnam Style” hitmaker PSY. One of the most fascinating production choices on “DAWNDIDIDAWN” is a whistle-tone refrain through the track that acts as the base rather than any percussion or synth. A marching bass drum comes in to establish an anthemic vibe but its main function seems to be to allow DAWN to show off his outstanding footwork and popping skills when he begins to dance. Rapper Jessi’s larger-than-life voice is a great fit on the track and the beat picks up when she comes in, adding a vibrancy that completes the saucy mood DAWN is trying to push the audience into.

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The visuals keep it sleek and simple with a black-and-white palette. Throughout the clip, DAWN is surrounded by his backup dancers who match his razor-sharp moves and complement his emo bad boy vibe with their stoic support. The rapper’s dance skills are the absolute highlight of this music video however and he seems to glide through the choreography with an impossible ease. Jessi lights up the screen with her presence and her dynamic with DAWN is relaxed and playful, like that of an older sister.

DAWNDIDIDAWN comprises a total of five tracks and sees the rapper work with some pretty big names in the industry–PSY is a producer on several tracks along with R&B artist Penomeco, while collaborators (in addition to Jessi) include labelmate and R&B superstar Crush. The album is DAWN’s first record under P Nation after leaving Cube Entertainment and boy group Pentagon in 2018.

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