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Watch Dehradun-Mumbai Duo Marshall Sachin’s Empowering ‘Hit By The Gravity’ Music Video

The electronic duo comprising vocalist Marshall Tyagi and drummer Sachin Shahi address discrimination against transgender women and outcasts with their debut release

Anurag Tagat Nov 06, 2019

Marshall Tyagi and Sachin Shahi in a still from their music video for "Hit By the Gravity." Photo: Jees George

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Inspired by a true incident that Dehradun-based singer Marshall Tyagi experienced involving a transgender woman, the music video for “Hit By The Gravity” tells a rollercoaster (but ultimately feelgood) story about a mute school-going child and her parent who learn to tackle’s societies prejudices.

Completed by drummer and percussionist Sachin Shahi (previously of indie rock band Yesterdrive), Marshall Sachin was created in 2018, following their five-year stint in rock band Crystal Heads. About a year in the works, the pop-leaning electronic “Hit By The Gravity” is set to a music video directed by Kozhikode filmmaker Jees George. In it, a parent-daughter duo adapt a superhero form to take on all their perceived villains who shame and mock them.

Shahi says about the response so far, “Our inboxes have been flooding with tags and people telling us how much they appreciate the message of the video and there is another half that literally has our song on repeat. It has been an overwhelming experience so far for a debut.”

The duo, who perform cover sets as well as their own songs, are currently prepping for an EP or an album, while also hunting for a label to collaborate with. Shahi adds that working between Mumbai and Dehradun is not easy, but “has its own perks.” He explains, “It has been giving us benefits of two cities at once. Over that, me and Marshall are always ready to push limits, which is a must for anyone trying to work things out like this. We call it ‘long distance musicianship.’”

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Watch the video for “Hit By the Gravity” below. 

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