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Watch Demonstealer School Bands in Promoting Music, Social Media Turn-offs

Demonic Resurrection frontman and serial YouTuber on social media spamming, chasing useless ‘likes’ and more

Rolling Stone India Jun 02, 2016
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In [unofficially] the seventh installation of his band-building videos, frontman of Demonic Resurrection, serial YouTuber and bacon-lover Sahil Makhija aka Demonstealer takes on amateur band promotion, common social media turn-offs and the importance of being prepared. Makhija points out in the video titled ‘Top 5 Mistakes Bands Make When Trying To Promote Their Music’, “We live in a time where almost everyone can be a musician… It has never been easier to spread and share your music, and with all these advantages come a lot more things that are difficult now.”

Of course, no Demonstealer video is complete without a side of humor — in this case, Makhija playing the role of a new band trying to promote his music to a customer to prove his point(s). He goes on to call out the futility of bands promoting their Facebook page “despite not having my music at all”, “chasing Facebook likes” spamming people on private chat [social platform notwithstanding], spamming people by unnecessary tagging and the importance of being prepared. The video is also the first time that the musician has roped in his father, actor Micky Makhija, to make a cameo — in this case, to play an unsuspecting ‘fan’ who is at the receiving end of the band’s overzealous promotional tactics.

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The video is the latest in Demonstealer’s band-building series, which has previously taken on topics like the financial sustainability of metal music in India, the touring biz for Indian metal bands and “Facebook scams”.

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