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Watch Drummers for the Police, Rush, Tool Make Jazzy Jam

‘South Park’ co-creator Matt Stone and Vertical Horizon frontman also participate

Kory Grow Feb 18, 2015
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Former Police drummer Stewart Copeland recently gathered together some formidable talent for one of his recent Super Grove jam sessions. Among the musicians were Rush’s Neil Peart, Tool’s Danny Carey, South Park co-creator Matt Stone and Vertical Horizon frontman Matt Scannell. Copeland shared video of the summit, a four-minute clip titled “A Little More Noise,” via his YouTube channel.

The video begins with Peart asking if the crew wanted to make “a little more noise,” as the crew settles into a jazzy groove with the Rush drummer’s line echoing throughout. Carey grins throughout the video, while Peart maintains a serious demeanor, as Copeland, Scannell and more guest musicians (Mike Dolbear, Thomas Lang, Dave Elich and Aaron Sterling) add guitar, piano and horns to the track.

“Some new drums arrived, so Peart and Carey came over to lay heavy hands upon them,” the Policeman wrote in the video’s description. “Scannell and I banged out any old riffs while Stone chimed the gongs. Couple days later, four more drummers dropped by and took up the horns. The piano was an afterthought.”

Copeland has been hosting jam sessions since the Police reunion tour ended in 2008. The musician has played with numerous guests over the years, including Ben Harper, Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins, Primus’ Larry LaLonde and Les Claypool, System of a Down’s Serj Tankian and Snoop Dogg in his reggae “Snoop Lion” guise.

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“I have some buddies come over, and we jam,” Copeland told Rolling Stone of his process in 2012. “We jam high, we jam low, we have a wonderful time, we have a lot of laughs, they leave. And then the next morning, I come in and see what I’ve got. And then I cut up these jams and add overdubs, and I turn these jams into tracks.”

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