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Watch Australian Artists Dub FX and Sahida Apsara’s Verdant Goa Jam ‘Flow’

The musician couple were in India in 2019 for a headline set at Goa Sunsplash Festival and recorded for performance video series Sounds of Society

Anurag Tagat Jan 28, 2021

Dub FX and Sahida Apsara performing 'Flow' for Sounds of Society, season two.

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Invoking Indian goddesses Parvati and Saraswati in her enchanted croon, Australian singer Sahida Apsara joins beatbox veteran and musician Dub FX aka Benjamin Stanford on a new laidback rendition of the latter’s 2012 track “Flow.” The soulful duet by the husband and wife duo was captured in Goa for the second season of collaborative video series Sounds of Society

The sixth episode released by music company Urban Beat Project and Society Tea, Dub FX and Sahida Apsara were in town in early 2019 for the shoot, which coincided with their headline performance at Goa Sunsplash festival. Dub FX says over an email interview, “My wife got pregnant with our second daughter on that trip, who is now 14 months old! So yeah, it feels like ages ago. We had such a great time. I can’t wait to come back.” 

While the song reiterates the message of togetherness and love, Dub FX helms guitar and beatboxing duties with the chorus, with Apsara taking the lead on the song with her verses. “Sahida had written these beautiful lyrics, and they needed a home. One day I just started noodling on the guitar and beatboxing, and she started flowing over it. I then started singing ‘Flow,’ and it all just tied in so well. It was swift and easy. Usually, the best things are,” he says. 

The Victoria, Australia-based duo have plenty more material in the pipeline. Dub FX released his album Roots in 2020 and Apsara was part of a remix for his song “Pull Up” last year as well. He adds, “We have both been writing heaps of music, so we will probably start releasing it all this year sometime.” 

Watch the video for “Flow” below. 

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